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Is There Bread That Doesn’t Affect Blood Sugar? | Lo-Dough

What is the best bread alternative that won't effect your blood sugar levels after eating it? Find out how you can eat pizza, wraps and toasties without spiking your blood glucose.

How To Give Up Sugar For Good - By Dr Jen Unwin

Giving up sugar is easier with these simple tips.

What a nutritionist eats in a day

Gemma Shorter spends her days advising people what to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle. Take a peek into the food diary of Gemma, our nutritionist, to find out what she eats in a day to help you stay on track with your goals and top tips to make your diet choices count.

9 Easy Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Simple Tips To Reduce Food Waste At Home. Easy ways to reduce food waste at home that will save you time, money and help you eat smarter.

What are the health benefits of Konjac Flour?

What are the health benefits of Konjac Flour? Check out nutritionist Gemma Shorter's overview of on of the ingredients of Lo-Dough, Konjac Flour. See the blog here.

Fibre Takes The Spotlight For Fibre February

Gemma Shorter MSc ANutr explains why fibre is set to take the spotlight this year. Use high-fibre foods such as Lo-Dough, alongside fruit and vegetables to hit your daily fibre target.

What are the health benefits of Psyllium?

Psyllium husk - What is it and what are it's health benefits? Let nutritionist Gemma Shorter walk you through it.

Eating To Boost Your Immune System

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are far more than just decorations. Delicious, nutritious and great in savoury and sweet dishes, combine with Lo-Dough for some incredible low-calorie meals. Check out our favourite Lo-Dough/Pumpkin recipes

The Ultimate Home Core Workout You Definitely Need To Try

Check out this amazing home core workout by Lo-Dough's very own Lo-Dough Luke!

Sticking To A Food Schedule

Plan ahead to save money and stick to targets. Have a weekly plan set up to help you stick to whatever dietary plan you are following. It'll help you stay motivated and save you time and money in the long run. Check out our blog here.

Staying in Ketosis Can Be Easy and Delicious

The keto diet is a low-carb, high fat diet which has become something of a trend in recent times. Experts claim that a keto diet has fast and effective weight loss results. See how Lo-Dough fits in with your keto diet now.

Recipe ideas

Easy Chicken Recipes Under 500 Calories

Whether you're craving low calorie chicken wings or low carb pizza, you can find the recipes to suit any mood, and all for under 500 calories.

Delicious Low-Calorie Summer Recipes

Looking for light, healthy recipes to enjoy in the sun? All of these recipes are low in calories and carbs, but don't taste like it. Better still they are quick and easy to make and only require a handful of ingredients.

What is the Ultimate Pizza Cheese?

We wanted to put a joke here, but thought it'd be too cheesy.

Easy Healthy Junk Food

Put a healthier twist on your favourite takeaways. Enjoy everything from pizza to breaded chicken to ice cream sundaes, all for half the calories and up to 90% fewer carbs with Lo-Dough. Check out our ultimate low calorie 'junk food' recipes in the blog above.

12 Quiche Recipes Under 5g Carbs

Lo-Dough lets you put pastry back on the low carb menu. In the above blog you can find 12 of our most delicious and best low carb quiche recipes, all for under 5g of carbs.

Low Calorie Desserts For Chocolate Lovers

Healthy dessert recipes everyone will love. If you love chocolate but don't want the added calories, check out our best low calorie sweet treats for all occasions.

Perfect Picnic Desserts | Sweet Snacks Without The Calories

Looking for the perfect picnic desserts? You can find loads of delicious and low calorie sweet snacks that definitely need a place on your picnic blanket. Brownies • Cupcakes • Tarts

Best Picnic Finger Food Ideas

Low Calorie Nibbles For All Occasions. As the weather improves and temperatures are steadily creeping up we've got all the healthy recipes you need for picnic week.

Low Carb Recipes For Cheese Lovers

Low Carb Recipes For Cheese Lovers. Love cheese? Don't love loading up on carbohydrates? Discover our best hand-picked and most delicious low carb recipes for cheese addicts.

Easy Weeknight Dinners | Fibre Boosting Recipes

High fibre dinner ideas that everyone will love. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or for one, discover tasty low calorie recipes that give you a healthy boost in fibre.

One Chilli, Five Incredible Low-Calorie Recipes

Chilli con carne can be combined with Lo-Dough to make some incredible low-calorie recipes. Get the skinny in this blog!

Gluten-free Pizza Recipes You NEED To Try

Enjoy low-calorie, gluten-free pizza without the compromise. Check out this selection of some of our favourite cheesy gluten-free pizza recipes.

Meal plans

Meal Plan | Batch Cooking Meals For A Crowd

The school holidays are in full swing, so this week's meal plan inspiration is all about slimming-friendly meals that the whole family will love. These recipes are so tasty, they won't even realise they're low-calorie, and if you're just cooking for one or two people, you can always enjoy these meals as leftovers.

Meal Plan | Meals With Under 5 Ingredients

When you're feeling a little lazy and can't be bothered slaving over the oven, the last thing you want to be doing is sorting a meal with a million and one ingredients. We've got you covered. This week's meal plan includes easy recipes with 5 ingredients or less - giving you more time to relax.

Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Our Healthy BBQ Favourites

Even though you're not going to have a BBQ every day this week, that would be our dream! Here are our favourite Lo-Dough recipes for the perfect BBQ spread.

Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Delicious Tasting Meals

This week's meal plan is a selection of our tastiest meals which are all low-calorie and packed with fibre! From indulgent pizzas made with our 39 calorie bases to low-sugar treats and mouth-watering breakfast ideas, there's plenty to get you inspired on this week's mea

Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Meals Under 10g Carbs

Tasty Low Carb Meals Made Easy. Low carb living can be tasty and versatile with Lo-Dough. Discover our simple meal plan that keeps your week delicious and the carbs to a minimum.

Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Low Sugar Meals & Treats

Delicious sweet treats and low sugar meals for your week. If you're looking to reduce sugar is your diet but still want delicious treats, we've got the perfect meal plan for you.

Easy outdoor dining recipes | Meals to enjoy in the sunshine

Delicious alfresco dining at it’s best. Discover Summer salads, healthy pizzas and delicious desserts. all quick to rustle up, low calorie and absolutely delicious.

Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Low Calorie Meals Under 400kcal

Tasty, Low Calorie Meals For Your Weekly Inspiration. Discover quick, easy and delicious recipes to keep you inspired throughout the week - all under 400 calories.

Lo-Dough Weekly Meal Plan | Meals Under 30 Mins

Lo-Dough Weekly Meal Plan | High Fibre

Easy High Fibre Meals For Your Weekly Inspiration For World Digestive Health Day, we're providing a High Fibre Lo-Dough Meal Plan to make sure you're hitting those daily fibre targets with ease. Did you know that in the UK, it's recommended that an adult consumes 30g of fibre a day as part of a healthy diet?

Lo-Dough Weekly Meal Plan

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks - Lo-Dough has got your back. By making simple switches in one daily meal, you could reduce your weekly calorie intake by 1,500 calories.

An Incredible 1 Day Meal Plan for 1600 Calories that includes Wine, Pizza & A Brownie!

3 Indulgent Meals AND A Glass Of Wine? Diet Smarter, Not Harder! Use Lo-Dough to achieve incredible dieting goals that leave you calorific room for some of the nicer things in life whilst still staying on plan.

How to

How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Quiche

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-carb low-calorie flavour carrier, making it the perfect healthy quiche pastry. Discover how to make the ultimate lo-Dough quiche here.

How To Enjoy A Low-Calorie Afternoon Tea

Our top tips for making this classic treat as low-calorie as possible. An afternoon tea is a quintessential British treat and by making a few smart switches, you can still enjoy all the flavours of a classic Afternoon Tea without worrying about ruining your calorie deficit. Read our top tips here.

How To Make Low Carb Cheesecake With Lo-Dough

A Simple Guide To A Healthier BBQ

Healthy BBQ ideas that are delicious AND low calorie. Find everything you need for a healthy BBQ - from low carb bread alternatives to homemade low sugar sugars to low calorie desserts.

Making the perfect Pizza Sauce

Making your own sauce is simple and can be tailored to your tastes. Check out these fantastic pizza sauce recipes. Whether you go with New York Style or authentic Italian is up to you, but either way, your pizza will be delicious.

How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Chicken

The quick and easy way to enjoy healthy breaded chicken. Lo-Dough Southern Style coating is your answer to the ultimate healthy homemade chicken Kiev's, fish and chips, breaded mushrooms and more. Here's how to make our ultimate low calorie chicken.

How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Pizza

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-calorie, low-carb base that helps curb pizza cravings. Make healthy, delicious pizzas in under 15 minutes. Here's a step by step guide on how to make the ultimate Lo-Dough pizza.

The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Roast Turkey & Gravy

Roasting A Turkey For Christmas? We give you the ultimate low-down here. Our guide gives you the perfect roast turkey recipe and guide, as well as perfect gravy.

Stews, Casseroles & Slow Cooking

Serve your slow-cooked meals & stews with low-carb Lo-Dough instead of pastry potatoes and other carb-laden foods. Check out this amazing collection of slow-cook recipes all served alongside low-carb Lo-Dough!

Low Carb Lasagne Without The Pasta Sheets

Love lasagne but not the carbs? Lo-Dough bases contain just 2g of carbs each and can be used as the perfect pasta sheet replacement for your lasagne sheets. Find out how to make out low carb lasagne here.

A Nutritious Pumpkin Soup & Low-Cal Toasties To Serve With it

A hearty soup that's a doddle to make. Serve with Lo-Dough as a low carb bread side to keep the calories and carbs down and also for a huge fibre boost! Check out the recipe here.

How To Make Easy Low Carb Doughnuts

Low-carb doughnuts? Simple recipe? Amazing Taste? Have we got your attention? Check out this latest blog giving you the lowdown on how to make incredible low-carb doughnuts.

What is Lo-Dough

Lo-Dough: The Ultimate Low Fat Pizza Base

Lo-Dough as your low fat pizza base - low calorie, high fibre, and gluten free bread alternative which gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love and still manage your weight. Here's how Lo-Dough is changing the world, one pizza slice at a time...

What are the health benefits of Konjac Flour?

What are the health benefits of Konjac Flour? Check out nutritionist Gemma Shorter's overview of on of the ingredients of Lo-Dough, Konjac Flour. See the blog here.

What are the health benefits of Psyllium?

Psyllium husk - What is it and what are it's health benefits? Let nutritionist Gemma Shorter walk you through it.

Your Low-Calorie, Gluten-Free Saviour

Discover a whole new world of delicious gluten-free and low calorie dishes with Lo-Dough. Low-calorie, gluten-free pizza & much more.

Miracle Cake Bars - The Ultimate Low Sugar Cake Bar

Lo-Dough's Miracle Cake Bars are incredible low-sugar and reduced calorie treats. High in fibre and massive in indulgence, you've got to check these out!

The Ultimate Low Carb Pasta Alternative

The best low carb pasta alternative. Lo-Dough bases contain just 2g of carbs each and are a perfect low carb, high fibre replacement for your lasagne sheets. Discover the recipe here.

The Ultimate Low-Carb Bread Replacement... & More!

Low-carb bread meals and more are Yours With Lo-Dough products. Lo-Dough is here to provide you with the indulgence most diets forget to include. When it comes to low-calorie versions of pizzas, brownies, or fried chicken, we're your one-stop-shop for all these treats... and a whole lot more.

How Lo-Dough is Perfect for your Gluten Free Diet

Lo-Dough is a gluten-free bread and pastry alternative which allows people who are gluten intolerant to enjoy freedom with food. Gluten free pizzas, pies, quiches and wraps are just some of the things you can make with this unique food product. See how it's done now!

Waste Not Want Not With Lo-Dough

Some of us might be watching our waist, but we should all definitely be watching our waste! Check out Lo-Dough's guide to keeping your food waste at an absolute minimum.

E464 (HPMC) & Lo-Dough - All You Need To Know

What Is HPMC? E464, (HPMC) and why is it in Lo-Dough? In this blog we set out to allay some of the concerns we have seen online regarding HPMC. Our HPMC is certified as a food additive by the EU and the FDA. It is commonly found in gluten-free bread products for its texture enhancing properties.

What are Polyols?

A question we seem to get asked a lot here at Lo-Dough is what are Polyols? How polyols are different to everyday carbs and how they can benefit you. Polyols are sugar-free sweeteners. Polyols are carbohydrates but they are not sugars.

Why is Lo-Dough more expensive than normal bread?

We are often asked why Lo-Dough costs as much as it does to buy... and it's a fair question. Here we explain a little about the cost of making Lo-Dough as well as the available pricing bundles for you to buy it on.