Healthy Pies & Pasties - Because Freedom is Delicious

Have you heard? Pastry is no longer off the menu.

This is pastry done like never before. Treat yourself to Lo-Dough pasties and pies whilst maintaining your fitness goals and calorie intake. Because freedom is delicious. 

With Lo-Dough as a low calorie, high fibre pastry alternative, you can say goodbye to guilty pleasures, and say hello to the food you love. A creamy chicken pasty from the high street is loaded with fat, carbs and calories that are a no no if you are taking care of your health and weight.

Here's our version of a healthy low carb creamy chicken pasty using Lo-Dough as a pastry alternative.

That "no no" is now a "yes yes" with Lo-Dough - so make those pasties, rustle up those pies, and enjoy this healthier food revolution with us.

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