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Mince Pie Flavoured Christmas Brownies


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Prep information

Prep time
5 minutes
Cook time
25 minutes
Recipe by
Michael at Lo-Dough

Nutritional information (per brownie)

89 kcal

An Incredible Calorie-Saving Christmas Treat

They might be calorie saving, but boy do these taste great! No sooner had we finished baking one batch, we were getting a second tray into the oven! 

The fruit and spices marry beautifully with the rich and indulgent brownie, creating a soft and beautifully moist Christmas mouthful! To keep the carbs, sugar and calories low, you should make your own mincemeat. Follow our quick and super simple recipe for low-sugar mincemeat that still packs the same flavour!

Low-Cal Brownies

An average chocolate brownie comes in at around 250 calories and an average mince pie weighs in at around 150 kcal. Our Christmassy mince pie/brownies come in at just 89 calories each (for a huge 70-75g portion!). 

The Mincemeat recipe is:

  • 1 apple, grated
  • 100g of mixed dried fruit
  • 100g of cranberries
  • The juice of 2 clementines
  • 10g of butter
  • 1 teaspoon of mixed spice
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of sweetener (erythritol)

Just add everything to a saucepan and simmer until the orange juice has reduced and the whole mix is sticky and unctuous. The recipe will keep for 5 days in a sealed jar in the fridge. 


Serves 9
  • 1 pack of Lo-Dough Brownie Mix
  • 200g homemade mincemeat

What you'll need

This diet-friendly recipe is possible with:

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

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  1. Make the Lo-Dough Brownie Mix as per the packet instructions, mixing in 200g of homemade mincemeat.
  2. Add the mix to your lined tin, and bake for 25 minutes at 190C.
  3. Allow to cool (as per the instructions) and then cut into 9 portions and serve.

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